Curriculum & Program

Our program follows the NSW curriculum framework which has been developed by the Department of Community Services.

Fundamental to the Framework is a view of children’s lives as characterised by belonging, being and becoming. From before birth children are connected to family, community, culture and place. Their earliest development and learning takes place through these relationships, particularly within families, who are children’s first and most influential educators. As children participate in everyday life, they develop interests and construct their own identities and understandings of the world.

Our centre’s program includes the five Learning Outcomes which are created to capture the integrated and complex learning and development of all children across the early childhood age group range. The outcomes are:

  • 01. Children have a strong sense of identity
  • 02. Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • 03. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • 04. Children are confident and involved learners
  • 05. Children are effective communicators.

We see ‘play’ as children’s work and therefore provide a relaxed and happy environment where children feel safe and secure to play and interact with staff and other children.

Staff members facilitate children’s learning by responding to the children’s individual and group interests and needs, and provide planned and spontaneous developmentally and culturally appropriate activities and experiences.

Seedling Kids always provide opportunities for:

  • Indoor and outdoor free play activities
  • One-to-one interactions
  • Small group times for stories, drama, art/craft and other activities
  • Large group times for music/movement games, mealtimes and other activities
  • Spontaneous learning experiences, and
  • Transition times between activities

We believe play is essential to young children’s learning and development. We endeavour to meet the needs of children’s natural curiosity by providing a range of opportunities for them to experiment, discover, solve problems and to find out about themselves, other people and the world around them. The free play experiences provided allow children to make decisions and take ownership of their play and it helps them experience the pleasure of learning. We provide open-ended activities and experiences that support growth and development and help children develop competencies and build solid foundations for later learning and we provide a program that promotes diversity for children and families from a various social, linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

The learning program always includes the following play areas:

  • Music and movement
  • Construction/manipulative play
  • Puzzles and cognitive games
  • Language and literacy
  • Drawing and writing materials
  • Art and craft
  • Dramatic play/home corner
  • Sensory play such as sand and water play, and
  • Computer/ technology learning

School Readiness

Research from around the world has proven that the earlier the introductory skills of literacy and mathematics are introduced to children, the more success they will achieve in their following years at school.

Seedling Kids extensive school readiness program offers

  • An emphasis on individual learning abilities, and preparation for the ‘big’ school journey.
  • Each child to have individual goals set and worked on as a partnership with parents throughout the year
  • Comprehensive structured activities getting children ready for structured learning.
  • Phonemic Awareness; this is the introduction to all language skills, it is necessary for competent reading skills. Phonemic Awareness is the sounds of our language. Skills in Phonemic Awareness display the ability to hear the sounds of language. We will be learning new letters each week and reviewing them daily.
  • A fun and enjoyable experience for your child to have school readiness embedded into play and every day activities
  • A visit to the local school as a short excursion to look at the playground, classrooms, toilets, and see children in uniform – to have an idea of what a school looks like.
  • The opportunity for child to learn to eat out of lunchboxes. This teaches children what to eat when – as morning tea and lunch will be combined in the lunchbox.
  • Parent and Teacher information evening, hosted by a Kindergarden Teacher.

Our program is written on a daily basis reflective of children’s interests. From asking children what they want planned to gaining information from written sources, parent’s contributions and more, the program will be flexible and evaluated weekly.